1st Moreton Boys’ Brigade

The Boys’ Brigade is a Christian Uniformed Youth Organisation.

At Boys’ Brigade we cater for boys between the ages of 5 and 18. We have a very varied programme to follow but are a disciplined group of young men.  We enjoy our games nights.  The Boys’ Brigade is the Senior Organisation in our Church having been formed in the early 1950’s. We now all meet on a Thursday night at Moreton Methodist Church.

Anchor Boys & Juniors, ages 5-11:
Company Section, age 11 upwards:
Contact number for Boys’ Brigade is:
Thursdays from 6.30 to 8.00 p.m.
Thursdays from 7.45 to 9.00 p.m.
Bill McKay on 606 9690

Girls' Union - Moreton

The Girls' Union is an Independent Christian Uniformed Youth Organisation. At Girls' Union we welcome girls from the age of 5 years to whenever they grow out of us, usually around 21.
We used to be part of the Girls' Brigade, but with the blessing of our Church, we founded the Girls' Union which opens on Friday, 13th September 2013. Our Aim is to teach girls to be independent people.
We play games, teach the girls to cook, sew, knit and do craft work, all in a caring, Christian community. We also teach the girls to be caring, useful Christian girls through our Bible Stories and Bible Study.
We meet on Friday nights at Moreton Methodist Church:
   Fledglings and Junior: age 5-11                Friday 6.30-7.30pm

   Seniors and Pioneers: age 11 upwards       Friday 7.30-9.00pm

Contact number for Girls' Union: Julie McKay 606 9690

Moreton Boys’ Brigade/Girls’ Brigade Band

Moreton Boys’ Brigade/Girls’ Brigade Band is a joint activity, run by both Companies.  We teach children from our companies to play brass or percussion instruments, co-ordination, self-respect and respect for others and their belongings.  As the youngsters progress they will play in Church Services, Concerts, Remembrance Day Parades and much more.  We begin to teach the youngsters at the age of 7.

Band practice is on a Tuesday Night:



Learners: 6.30 to 7.30 p.m.
Main Band: 6.30 to 9.30 p.m.


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